Monday, July 11, 2005


this morning i came across a nice find: 2 sister websites ( and bedazzled)dealing with old music and videos.. specifically scopitones. i thought it would be nice to post something, considering i won't be posting any of my video footage until the beginning of august.

the 2 sites have a wealth of 60s videos from world wide (though much of the content seems to be repeated). i was especially pleased to find a few Os Mutantes videos (unfortunately they, and other older videos, were unavailable due to a server change).

what's a scopitone? i was curious myself. according to, it was an early music video player ( a "film jukebox") made of leftover airplane parts. the add on the right gives you an idea of what they looked like. that ad is canadian, though they were invented in france. i guess they were fairly widespread?

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