Monday, July 18, 2005

lo-fi stlouis +

so i stumbled onto this blog thanks to the message boards. it's similar to what i'm planning on here. i haven't really looked around, so maybe if anyone is reading this, you can let me know what it's like.
also on the update front...
i filmed the entire Deadly Snakes (they are planning their first website apparently) set from friday at the horseshoe. expect something from that to be the first thing i post. as soon as i can get a new computer... then also some mirrors stuff from tomorrow night.
i'm hoping ot eventuall post footage from: (the creeping nobodies, martyrs, demons claws, ugly stick, the rat traps, anagram, brutal knights, bush league, leather uppers, no dynamics.) some of it i already have and its' just a matter of getting it on my computer, other stuff will be happening soon.
also seeing as i won't be posting footage all the time, dan vila, formerly of trucker magazine might be posting some writing - i have no idea what or when.


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